The Universe farm

Lots of interesting things learned today. I learned how to identify Microsoft document incompatibilities and I am becoming a guru with Open Office now. I finally grasp what is going on there and even the technique that Ms uses to tie their customers.

It is awful to see mind manipulation techniques used so easily and so openly. It is almost scary to me to see that I could just as easily use the same techniques to do whatever I want to a fairly significant portion of the population that does not guard themselves from this type of mental invasion. On a related note, it is said that the CIA chief is involved in "chemical rape" and that does not surprise me at all, here is a link at Wired if you would like to read more. It is not just computers that are at risk of infection by data viruses, it is the mind itself.

Other things of note today is a technique that I would have done many years ago if I didn't already know that it was so. The idea that DNA can act at a distance is a no brainer if you study the process of RFLP, PCR, PAGE and cellular inclusion. This link at Daily Galaxy is like a peek into something that will be very important in the future of cellular mechanics. Not only is this so, during my graduate work in molecular genetics, it was obvious that what was being taught was outright wrong in many areas and it was simply dogma promoted by those who cannot grasp the complexity of the system itself.

I think it is time to dance, and when the contest is over we will see who is the skilled artist. The combination of technologies and information at my disposal has reached critical volume and though I do not have coherent methods for some functions, it is obvious that everything is usable in the framework I have designed. It is in the act of expression that the true understanding is revealed and though I may not be the most skilled person in ever field, I am effective at all the scientific endeavors and it is the combination of skills that serves best.

My most recent study is in the area of gyroscopes, stored energy in rotating systems, chaos retrospection methods, momentum in the superconductor compounds, relationship of Proton creation and subsequent state, and the manipulation of Gravity fields from inside the field. I must make the things that I know I can create because the progress of current science is stifling my understanding now. As wild and new as some of these concepts are, there is a huge landscape of new methods that are yet to be discovered, On The Way To Infinity. I recently solved a problem that has been nagging me for years and it is the fact that like atoms tend to "bond" more readily than unlike atoms. The solution has implications for superconducting. Humanity, or at least I, am approaching the point where it will be possible to communicate via neutrinos. I still have no idea what type of social model should or could exist in societies that have turned the corner in technology that allows the creation of life from molecules and the ability to capture and use energy without limit.

There is a vast undiscovered universe and hidden forms to be explored and it cannot be done from a keyboard.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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