Existential engineering

Nature is a truly remarkable scientist and it works with the very fabric of the universe at its most subtle heart. Each molecule and cell is made of the stuff of stars, the thing that is incompletely known to science, that terrible vortex of forces that emanates from the proton. When a natural thing becomes instantiated in the universe it is a product of science that is all known to it. It must by its very nature understand in that strange natural way, the forces that exist at the very core of matter as it must walk that line to live. It makes no difference that no theory exists, it is written in being. Each thing that life becomes is an expression of the understanding of that which it is composed. It adjusts, it adapts, it grows, it becomes more.

What prompts this philosophical rant is the fact that I see something beyond that which is understood and when each factor is reduced and applied and every molecule ordered in its pattern of action, it will be seen that there is even more and the thing that confounds and haunts me will be there, the strange patterns that can exist in high dimensions and the strange dichotomy that a single thing can be here and have effect everywhere in the vast universe, even at the level of a single electron. What light through yon window breaks, it is the East of Eden and in the garden is a statue of the dawn.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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