Universal catalyst

Tonight I am doing something with audio and the chemistry of bonds.

Chemistry: Since I just took organic chemistry and lab over again for a refresher ( 43 years later ), it is obvious that the model that is used for chemical interaction is virtually useless. The idea that atoms interact by forming bonds is so pitiful that I never believed it when I was 17 or even 7. If a model is to work and be predictive it must include all the effects that happen at least. Why do Hydrogen atoms form H2 and Oxygen O2. A catalyst will rearrange the complex 3 dimensional folds of energy density that exist in an atom to expose a surface that allows a state to be established and in the case of biological material, the state becomes stable and not reversible because of that. The idea that the best that can be done is to heat metal materials until they are nearly plasma and stick them together is a bit medieval. The ability to finesse the bonding relationship of two atoms is a very important piece of science. Nature does it all the time.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the interactive fields of an atom extend well beyond the confines of what is considered the "probability wave" and has complex polar 3D structure at many times the considered size of the atom. Perhaps this is why the Casimir-Polder effect is so unusual.

Audio:: I was thinking about a standard audio format that is XML and similar to SVG ( Scalable Vector Graphics ) in that it has objects that may be phonemes, and frequencies like sound fonts, shading like volume envelopes, and other feature that represent the relationships in a formatted way like a blender file represents a 3D structure as in changes in relationship to space and time. It should be less complex to define a standard there than images. It is silly to have file formats like mp3, mp4, la la la which are proprietary and obvious attempts by somebody to use those who use it. I was playing with "Rosegarden" music software and it has a fantastic ability to create music. I also use "ZynAddsubFX" and "Audacity" to do music on the fly and record it. I was playing at doing a science fiction blend ( as in blender ) animation that incorporated the werecats of high space and the principle of momentum neutralization.

The sound format seems a natural progression for animated movies and FX. Instead of animated characters and voice overs, they can simply animate the voice too and then every body can just make movies whenever they feel like it and it is possible to create the most unique and acceptable voice by the characteristics of the biology. I am very certain that the resonance levels, strength of transition, complexity, tonality, ... of the structure the person speaking has everything to do with whether they are considered macho super heroes along with the physical forms. Apes beat their chest for many reasons and I am sure that another ape is listening and knows the size of the drum that makes that sound and as such can stand clear.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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