This aspect of Quantum theory is bogus

The idea that a system of measure is incapable of measuring an effect below a certain level is more like Zeno's paradox than a theory of anything. The idea that measuring something has an effect on its position and therefore makes the process unknowable is just wrong. It stems from the same silliness of becoming bound in a state where the necessary variables to understand something are excluded from the process of understanding. In the case of Zeno it is the fact that motion is a relationship to space, time and the time of the observer. It also projects to infinity and implies that there is no such thing as relative relationships in infinity. 2*HUGE is still twice as large as 1*HUGE.

I probably could rant on this for some time and give good examples, but what is the point if a being lives and falls in the forest and the trees do not hear him.


Anonymous said...

Here's a pretty fun way of proving Zeno's Paradox wrong, or at least trying to..

Paul Mohr said...

That was an interesting video. Thanks for that.

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Automated Intelligence
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