Python applications

Using Python to do scientific visualization and here is a link at sourceforge. I am testing mayavi, python-vtk, and many of the examples that come with vtk to see if there is something to be learned there. 3Delight, renderman, and numerous other utilities. This will be informational in dealing with understanding the overall generation of images. The current re-education of my Python skills will be an advantage here I can see, with the number of Python scripts involved.

I still think that if my imagination continues to improve, I need only have a way to control physicality by means of the mind and then I will have what I need. It seems a lot easier to think of things and then export that information to a manipulator than having visualization, control, and implementation external to the mind, when it is much easier to use that which is already free and could be extended. There are certainly some limitations, however if no one can "see" or experience 1000 DPI color shaded to 4 billion colors, does it make any difference if the hardware does that?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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