Protein Data Base - Bucky Ball C 60

I have been hoping to add this to my skills repertoire for a while and I can use PDBs in other scientific applications, however I wanted to integrate them with my stuff and blender. So here is a quick look at C60 ( bucky ball, I guess it is called ) without the hydrogens in a stick mode, and now I grasp this, it is fairly simple when it is all understood.

As far as this I see 60 there as the first ring is 6 (+6) and it shares a common edge with 6 from there that have 2 unique edges on each of the 6 (+12) and 6 common edges (+6) which then have 12 with 2 unique edges (+24) and 12 shared (+12) which then form the opposite side ring. So it is 6+12+6+24+12=60 then.

So each has a triple carbon bond with an open bond which could be almost anything, I would think. Carbon is so expressive as it can produce more structures than can ever be explored. I used to spend hours going through the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics when I was 20 and a lab chemist. If C can branch forever it has an infinite number of possible forms, however I would assume at some point it would be like images on a screen, they may be virtually infinite but they are not truly infinite as many things are just not effective, useful or different.

This form of carbon looks like it could be very expressive and useful if it could be manipulated at the atomic level.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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