There are two universes here

I have known for some time that there is a further extent to the universe and I assumed it was away from the universe we perceive normally. I occurs to me that it is overlapping in some fashion and that it could account for many anomalous things. Like a person who thinks the world is flat, it would be difficult to adjust to the fact that the universe is continuous and folds back upon itself through a region that is contiguous. That is my perception of the universe at this time and it is consistent with the laws of the universe in the same way that I might look at the horizon and say that the Earth must be curved, or that I might look at the moon and planets and assume that I also live on such a sphere and that it is natural that form takes the shape of a sphere, because it is a natural balance of forces and flat surfaces ( squares, complex geometrics ) are unlikely to form without a guiding process.

There are many observations that don't require a PHD in mathematics and Physics to appreciate. I can drop a ball or any other thing and see there is a pull that is in the direction of the Earth. I can look at water or oil drops and see they also form into spheres. I could draw parallels from these to assume that similar process is at work and thus define the universal gravity.

The realization comes from the same kind of reasoning that would have made it obvious over time that we live in a planetary system. I can't say what it all means or how it is to be measured or understood, but the signs of the existence are there. I often look at things in many recursive levels and I try to understand how I understand and resolve ideas to make invention or discover new things. I often play at forgetting all I know about science and ask what I would deduce from the information that I see, without bias or assumption of any kind.

Those techniques will yield some new ways of understanding and perspective of that which is already assumed to be complete. I am not saying that there is a ghost world of people, though there could be inhabitants. It would be a completely foreign state that would flow through this universe as if it were composed of neutrinos. It is only at the intersection of our perception and the other side of the universe that there would be any interaction. That interaction could be extreme or almost imperceptible. The structures which are possible in higher dimensional topology would likely conform to a natural consistency and the stable state of lowest energy or the equivalent of a sphere in three space would be very different in higher dimensions.

It does present the possibility that if it could be used and controlled, that it would be possible to exist in a duplicate space and be unseen. This does fit quite well with other things I have recently discovered and definitely seems to have some serious advantages for space exploration, power, safety and personal freedom. I would imagine that it could be very dangerous also.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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