A spinning wheel

Studying the gyroscope. I assumed that everything about a gyroscope had a common origin at first. It became clear that there are three different aspects. One is the relationship to gravity, one is the inertial issue and the last is the most interesting of all. Once you separate the effects and extract their action equations or methods, the rest is obvious. Clearly circular accelerated motion is in no way synonymous to gravity. Linear acceleration is not either.


It seems that I could just move sensors into the hidden half of the universe, and in this way, know for sure. I need to spend more time on the gravitational aspects of this, but in general I have a good enough understanding to invent with it. Only time will tell if I can make an association to use this with my other inertial technology. There are hundreds of inventions that could come from this. Clearly the underlying process is pivotal to understanding the universe, as is understanding pendulums. [ bad pun intended ]


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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