Teleporting life

It seems to me that the principle of space travel is backward. I personally would send a CNC lathe ( just as an example ). Actually I would send the "Lathe Of Heaven" which is the ability to create "primers" ( small sequences of DNA ) which can be used to control the automatic manufacture of cell systems. If I were to have a CNC lathe ( Computer Numeric Controlled ) on another planet with a loadable interface, it could assemble itself, if it were designed properly. The rep-rap printer is an example of this too as it works toward making itself. With the advent of liquid printable circuits, I see no reason that the first thing that is sent to a foreign body is the opposite end of a virtual teleport.

I am sure there are issues of contamination and other issues, but plowing complex electronics into the surface of foreign planets is considered "non interference"? If mankind really wants to get off this rock they should establish the foothold that makes sense and if they are unwilling to use biological nanomachines then at least send a type of lathe so that it can generate the necessary equipment on site. It is really no different than using "remote desktop" with Linux. I do that for customers that don't feel comfortable running a shell script, even when it is provided.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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