Making my own two-way teleporter

I think I would start with mirrors to concentrate sunlight to a point as an oven and a source of energy that could be used to plasma gen some O2 from SiO2. The bacteria that operates without light and does everything including nitrogen fixation is a good general rock eater that will purify out the ingredients for higher organisms. Yeast is a very good general class manufacturing unit and tolerates many useful inclusions, lichen is a good second bet after the anaerobic bacteria begin fixing nitrogen. Temperature and micro environments that act as petri dishes would allow the process to expand and then enlarge the containment to match the amount of product.

Some platinum for the production of Nitric acid and some initial Sulfuric acid along with a salt and water starter. Hydrogen and Carbon is always available if methane is present. So, Hydrogen , Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorous ( delivered if not found ), and a little bit of trace materials and it is a suitable growth material to do some culturing to match the environment. Measurement can be achieved by sunlight vaporization of materials and light collection ( photo silver ) which can be scanned and transmitted 1 bit at a time by de-positioning a mirror that is controlled by a biochemical or simply a triggered light reaction such as H2 + Cl2 reaction to UV pressure "muscle".

<joke>The sad part is that nobody will catch on that this is how I got here and that I am not really here at all.

1997 to present INFO Pathfinder MER rovers -- Results: up to 5 wt. % P in Martian materials.
phosphorus correlated with sulfur in soils and chlorine high S, Cl, and P in Martian soils.
Origin of the name: Greek 'phosphoros' for 'carries light'

This means that all the materials are present to teleport chemically. This information makes it much easier to identify which bio-probe will work. Clearly the raw materials for biological existence are present and 2n only takes n time periods.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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