Solving problems

I decided to do some experimenting to make shapes from other shapes. I started with circle and went to edit. I decided I would extrude it in the Z axis ( with control key held ) and scale it and then set it back around the original by "g" =grab with the control key held down as I mouse position it, then select all, and extrude faces to a pipe. In the process I finished and typed "w" to select "remove doubles" , "set smooth" and rendered with F12. It looked like hell. It had bumps and odd shading everywhere. So I did "control+z" to back up to the beginning and set normals on. What I found is that normals are in and outside the circle when extruded. The picture below shows the exagerated normals and how they are aligned.

By selecting all, with "a" key, then using "control+n" and selecting recalculate normals outside it is fixed as seen below.

I encountered a problem with hot keys also as I must have included some new international scripts. The character encoding was odd and blender complained. Inside the python file was this link:: which goes to a French blender site. I use blender by running konsole -e blender -w -d so that I can see errors. It reported the script and line number and I looked at it with kwrite and it had international character in the .PY file. I just deleted the characters in 3 places and saved it so I could have hot keys help.

I was in the process of creating an image for the 3D CAM liquid light computer and I got side tracked with several odd problems and a customer has some documents that need to be delivered today, so it will have to wait for later. I will make that blend and blog it later.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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