Computers of the Holy Dark

This is an example of a "3 input AND" photo computer. It is purely to explain how the principles work. If the light that shines on the plane has photocells in it which turn on when the light drops below a certain threshold, then each point on the surface could be a memory cell that responds exactly like a 3 input analog content addressable memory.

It simply shows that anything can be memory and if applied correctly, it becomes an active circuit. The logic is IF A+B+C THEN D. That darkness when used with many simultaneous sources becomes a very complex computer. "Stonehenge" could be an example of a computer which functions in this way. It is not necessary to use light, or have the focus point "inside" the computer (between the pillars). I made an interesting connection just then about the pyramids and what possible meaning they could have as a computer.

This is not my liquid light computer.

(joking here) Phosphorous is a very interesting compound in the sense of how it reacts to light and electrical stimulation or ionic state. If there were some self replicating continuous thread molecule polymer that contained phosphorous at every step it would likely be usable. I just don't know where to find such a thing. If it were a de-oxy ribonucleic acid with a ribose sugar and a phosphate bond that would be perfect, but I suppose I will have to wait until somebody discovers such a wonderful chemical. ATP would be good as a energy source too, but, alas it does not exist. (end joke).

ADDED: I thought of something to test, which is a program that communicates with dots in its area and if it is the most desirable ( either darkest, reddest, funnest, fuzziest, smelliest, etc) it sets the neighbors to its state, otherwise it becomes slaved to a higher neighbor and this cascades to get a single threshold in n_Dimensional computational space. This cascade could emulate neural coherence when simultaneous fusion of several concurrent channels merged. That is a very interesting thought as it has implication in a neural array. In fact, it could be the new technique I was looking for.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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