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Pseudo teleportation or the remote extension of existence is probably the last part that I will try to integrate as the core of antfarmgl. It is a natural consequence of the ability to manufacture items from the knowledge of how to manufacture. Each thing that exists has a method of its instantiation or first appearance and as such has a condition which can be derived from the state of matter that leads to its existence. The manufacturing or even the programming technique, which is another aspect of creation, are inherent in what I hoped to achieve with the system.

The inherent loop issues of communication that extends into networks that are remote or delayed is something I already considered and even in MMORPGs the idea of resynchronizing the interaction of characters is dealt with, however poorly, to allow some sense of simultaneity of action.

I was reading through all the connections from Wikipedia and this jumped out at me::

The name Kwisatz Haderach from Dune universe (referred to as the "Shortening of the Way") is presumably derived from the term kefitzat haderech. The term "Haderach" is of Semitic origin: "ha" is a Hebrew prefix for "the," and "derech" means "way," "road" or "path." "Kwisatz" is related to "kfitzah", "the leap."

Strangely, there are Arabic and Jewish religious folklore about teleportation effects similar to Harry Potter. The funnier thing is that none of them can actually do it! Seems that science fiction fantasy has been around since the first people could tell a story. There is no lack of dreaming things, just a lack of ability for doing. For me dreaming is just the start, doing is the real fun.

Many of the concepts I thought were possibly new , were covered in Wiki, including the ideas of quantum entanglement, madness in travel ( Steven King Jaunt ), duplicate selves and existentialism, and many other things. I guess I should read more and just make links, however, does everybody already know everything that is in Wikipedia and for that matter does anybody know all things that are presently known? I also found it interesting that the Star Trek teleporters were a trick to save on animation costs! There is however a great deal of difference between imagining and expressing every possible outcome and then saying, "See I told you that was so!" I do speculate on some things, however I do so , not to simply fantasize as to what is possible, but, as an attempt to describe my best estimate of what would result from what I know now.

I know that it is possible to control inertia as I have experimented with it physically and so it isn't something that I am guessing about effects and results. The concept as it was presented in the "Explorers" movie is wrong and it would not happen that way. I suppose it could be said that Jules Verne was right that men did just go to the moon on a big cannon and hit the man in the moon in the eye.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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