Physics Mr and Miss understanding

This at wiki is about mass and energy equivalence ( E=mc2 ) and this at arXiv is about inertial and gravitational equivalence. I have spoken about frame of reference of temporal equivalence as it relates to relativity and I am not sure which equivalence anybody means if they don't use some more specific context. The language is a POS for technical communication. It is even worse when you work with many different things like programming, hardware, chemistry, biology, and physics, as there is an assumption of isolation in the sciences and a lack of appreciation of the totality of its interaction.

The article at arXiv is about an experiment to measure the equivalence of inertial mass and gravitational mass. Apparently this person is going to be the "US Secretary of Energy" which means he will takes notes on passing photons in shorthand, I guess, ( just joking ). It is never possible to know what you don't yet know. :)

This definitely deserves a link as it concisely portrays the economics of fear.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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