Hidden Variable Theory

This link is nice because if you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, there is much to consider there. This particular one is on EPR and the HVT ( @faqs.org = frequently asked questions ) or Schródinger's cat. Determinism and quantum theory. I think they are both wrong in the sense that they each represent aspects of a larger whole and are thus unnecessarily confusing by their incompleteness. Here is a reference for my benefit at wikipedia about Bell and Aspect and others.

I did more study on ice ages and solar cycles and it is a toss up. People say many things including, our position in the galaxy ( gamma causes ) , sun ( cycles ), continental drift ( blocking ice flows ), bio , magnetic shifts, and many more theories and many cyclic patterns that have no clear causative relationships established. It is a dangerous thing to reason by pattern without an understanding of what drives the pattern. There is no obvious predictive information in the temperature, CO2, and ice cycles I have viewed as they are not repeated precisely. They are subject to interpretation over a range of 50,000 years which is very much not precise or usable as a guide to the future.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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