Foster world

It was an idea for a science fiction story where a entire world was pushed out of normal space for crimes against the universe.

I have been considering the consequences of what I have just discovered and it seems that it is a game changer. It always reminds me of Archimedes when things like this happen. It is said he was killed by Roman soldiers, even though they planned to keep him alive to use his skills for the Roman Empire. Many a good mind has become the offal of the war machines of history. Rationality and war do not seem to be good companions. One of the lesser known losses is an Englishman lost in the First World War. I read some of his early work and it was inspired and insightful. He was killed in battle.

Reason is the first casualty of war. If I were as stupid as I was when I was young, I would imagine that I could patent such a thing and be rich beyond my wildest dreams, or that it would make the US strong and free. The US has gone away from free long ago, and will never return as the nation it is today. And that is one of the reasons it would never profit an individual to produce such things, as it is merely confiscated without compensation or robbed from the inventor using corrupt courts. The point is to feed the new pseudo-royal Lords. When I go, whether in hearse or rocket, I will not miss the corruption or the madness of human war against itself, reason, and nature. The US is a hollow shell of principle draped over the corrupt corpse of the ideals of a free nation.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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