Diff made easy, I see the difference

I live and learn. I was trying to develop a method to analyze dolphin communication and generate a language and I happened upon the last thing that I obsessed about and decided to try out my skills with "diff".

diff -r acpi-support-0.109 acpi-support-0.109NEW>diffs

I clicked on the file "diffs" and to my surprise it didn't open in edit, but "Kompare". I tried it a bit and there is a screen shot of the window below. This has to do with file "magic" that I played with a while back.

I played around with it a bit and it is really neat! I was doing it by editing the files and looking at the differences, but this is visual amplification of understanding. This is some nice work, "John Firebaugh and Otto Bruggeman" deserve some praise for this.

I am learning some interesting things about dolphins and how they speak, use tools, breathe, sleep, aging and many other things. I found it very interesting that they can live to be as old as 55 and as they have two brains and one never sleeps, that is like 85 years of consciousness. They are mammals and they have similar neural features to human brains and I think I will eventually be able to translate in context. It serves as a way to analyze how I would deal with an alien race. I personally think that how people interact and treat the aliens among us " other intelligent species" tells a lot about how they will deal with other aliens. One can only hope that aliens from another planet would have more respect for the diversity of life than most humans. If they didn't we would likely just be a purified carbon source for them (food).


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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