New science fiction

This is science fiction from what I understand.Now that I see it is possible to absorb energy from what others consider a weapon and use it, the first thing that came to mind was a science fiction story. The story::

Two cultures on planets in the same solar system, one has the conversion technology and the other does not. The converters of E-alpha send a nuclear missile to the second planet E-beta as a gift of energy and greeting. The second planet realizes they are under attack and starts throwing every available weapon at E-alpha. When the energy arrives at E-alpha they are happy that the E-betans enjoyed their gift and returned it in kind, they thought that E-beta must be a very rich and generous planet to be able to afford such extravagant gifts. They felt obliged to return in kind and sent their largest energy device........

Strange, how things can be the same and also be so different.

ADDED:I was thinking more about this and it would be more poignant if the betans were holding a ceremony to honor the millions who gave their lives to mine the uranium and build the bombs without sheilding, and praising the people for showing those fing alphans they would not be trifled with! When the second gift arrives. I think a fitting name would be Gift of the apocalyptic Magi or Miscommunication to the Nth power

ADDED2: I was wondering how I would get paid for this science fiction story and I decided that if people liked it they could send me some energy as a gift. . I shouldn't be my own critic, but in terms of new science fiction, this has all the elements I like. A totally new idea about science, applied in such a way that it shows something of human nature, and has a sinister twist that makes a person think about new things and new ways of understanding. I personally think it rates right up there with some of the best Twilight Zone, but I am probably biased, you think?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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