My Family tree

The picture is an allusion to the fact that sponges have until recently been considered the origin of animal life and that seems to be a questionable concept now as it is assumed that they both have a common ancestor that split to bilateral and amorphous.

Read two articles from the same origin about the human species and I was working with "gramps" which is a genealogical database and boom, I decided to put the parenting tree of life in my gramps. It seems to make sense for the short term and I can convert it to XML and integrate it. I am not sure how to deal with polyploidy, but I will figure something out, perhaps a python extension or a total fork in the code.

The article is about the transition from single cell to bilateral cell structure and the development of neurons. Here is a link at Wired and one at Nature . I think there is much food for thought there and the development of non electrical neural systems is also to be included for my sake. Sea stars use a fluid hydraulic mind. I am of the opinion that even a single cell has a mind of its own and many things are the interaction of layers upon layers of chemical logic, electrical logic, fluid systems, emergence, and connectivity. It will be some fun when I get a complete understanding of these relationships in a proper form.

On a separate note there is an article on "Midnight Commander" which may provide some valuable historical perspective and talent in the area of network communications from /. . Also this article about self assembly at metamodern seems to contain some valuable insight into the overall process of systems for the future.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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