More unexpected consequences

I was considering unexpected consequences of technology and I had some very bad thoughts. The idea of creating more and more sophisticated weaponry is bound to have some of these consequences and I have thought of a few. I refuse to be a muse to allow the process to happen more quickly, but I would guess the lack of imagination in the military mind will find them wondering why they didn't think about the potential pitfalls of certain things.

I also realized that there is no need for war at all to establish nations with technology so far advanced that it makes military process obsolete. If they are incapable of exerting influence it can become a condition of voluntary immigration to a new state. Very much like the Americas, which at their inception were mechanically isolated and therefore free of the European despotic structures of the time. A freehold of a type. It seems to me that such a thing would imprison the world in a rather bizarre way. The exclusion of all ability to influence, ( by either physical isolation in space or through a technology ), essentially imprisons the world if that which is of value is incorporated in the free space.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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