Dropping down the infinite rabbit hole with Alice

This article at /. about invisibility cloaks is another step toward that and I could imagine ways that it is possible to have an invisibility mechanism in some circumstances. It seems that many things that I would have considered absurdly impossible from science fiction are slowly becoming common place. When I saw the movie "Explorers" about some kids that had a device that was non-inertial I almost laughed at the concept. It was difficult for me to accept the premise. I thought at the time that it was an absurd "magic" approach to science that could never happen. Now, I am the one makes that possible. It is just spooky, because I saw many more applications for that when I watched the movie than just wandering about empty space, looking for new things. It seems that the most entertaining things in the universe may be right here. I wonder how discovering a new rock on Mars could compare to making "People Soup".

It is clear to me that much of what I would have considered impossible and in the realm of wishful thinking or fantasy, is now becoming possible and the reality of it is far more scary than the fiction. I read a story called "People Soup" when I was much younger and it was about some kids making new organisms in their kitchen. Now that was a laugh, I thought. I see that some junior high students in the US have a gene insertion as part of their biology class. It is such a simple technology, once you understand the process, that even random experimentation will happen, one day some kids will be making "people soup" as a Saturday afternoon's entertainment. Even the early works of cooperative robots that evolved, which I found fascinating as a child are now realities. I saw a swarm robot video and it was definitely bizarre.

I do wonder what it would be like to travel the stars through a "Stargate" and I suppose even that is possible. I have quit thinking that anything is impossible and instead wondering how improbable it might be or when it might exist. It seems that it would be difficult to come up with a science fiction story that is so fantastic that it defies credulity anymore.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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