Anti-Black holes, -inside out- black hole

When I realize these things I often wonder why I didn't think of that association before as it is so cool. The answer is that it couldn't be an attractor to thought if it does not exist in my experience. It must always happen in a bass-ackwards way. The technology I am currently studying is very much like an inside out black hole. I think I will call it a rainbow expansion . I spent quite a bit of time designing a number of devices that are defenses against momentum or explosions. I understand that mν must be conserved, but energy has no such restriction. A kevlar vest distributes the energy from a bullet to minimize its effect. It cannot stop the momentum issue. I designed many things that are superior to existing armor, however they are cumbersome and expensive to use. My latest achievement allows me to make something like an inside out black hole. It essentially has an event horizon on the outside and as a result, the momentum is never absorbed.

I always think of the oddest things when I look at new stuff, and I wonder why I never thought about turning a black hole inside out? From my bizarre way of thinking, that would seem to be the first thing that would go through my head, "how can I twist this around to make it do something different?".

Before people get scared that I may play with black holes like the CERN, it is simply an analogy to describe the idea without delivering the methods. I can't say what that is called in electronics promotion as the term is very suggestive and would certainly offend someone that I don't wish to offend.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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