More blender experiments

Today I worked with IPO curves for object motion, time, texture, morphing, link, world and local systems, interactive and placing video on the surface of an object. I also learned quite a bit about the interface itself and how to use more quick keys.

I don't have an example as it requires me to make a video and I guess I will start making videos and tutorials on YouTube or just post them on my site. Each new technique can be combined to produce new effects and I can really make a complex scene now and so it is easier to think of what I want and create it quickly.

I also studied appending and that is going to be a useful tool. It allows you to import parts of any model or system that is created by anyone and published as a .blend, I have many blends to choose from and I have CDs that came with books I bought and that is going to be a whole new vast resource.

I also invented a new type of CAM ( content addressable memory ) today and if you have experience with designing circuits or programs, you know that there is only one thing in the digital world and that is NAND ( not and ) or ( if and only if α and β are true then γ is false). Every single process or program can be devolved to a set of NANDs. I have devised a way to make a virtually inanimate liquid NAND computer. This should help quite a bit with the advancement of machine intelligence. I could use DNA or circuits, but each of those things is more expensive than a simple monolithic repetitive material structure.

It seems to me that Google should be giving money to all the open source projects since they are supporting Google, in a way. Wikipedia is such a useful resource and people use the web to get access and use Google to get to it. This drives their advertising revenue and if Wikipedia takes that same easy going ad based concept from Google and uses the revenue to fund more open source, Google will be left in the dust. If people stop having Google as a point of contact to the web and instead start by pointing their Firefox browser at Wikis, then the gate is open and will never be re closed. It is a far more targeted audience that looks at a specific type of material, such as mathematical equations. I would say that I would appreciate the inclusion of a bookmarked section that says that book X is available on the subject and is about what I need to learn. The same as genetics, programming, logic, movies, games, history. It seems that Firefox and Wikipedia are in the cat bird seat for the attention of a very specific market that seeks information and likely buys books and other material to further that interest.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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