I can't taste your mind

I think that people suffer from a need to explain things in terms of what they know. It used to be all the rage that the "gut" and "heart" and "soul" was the seat of "consciousness". I am of the opinion that on the way to infinity there are some very odd turns in the road. Just because it is the current general consensus that existentialism arises in the brain, that does not actually make it true in any absolute sense. The lack of complete information about the universe leads a person to make certain reasonable assumptions. That is all they are, "reasonable assumptions" that are used to get by.

My theories of how the universe works are completely fluid from day to day. I was working on my light computer and dealing with the relationship to a human mind. There is a great difference between a computer designed to produce an effective result like the brain and a real brain. One of the most notable differences that allows self programming, also allows a whole host of other odd conditions. A serially recognized system of associative parts has a rather strange way of reaching consensus. It is best represented by example as the words "boom" and "zoom". Now this would not translate well for somebody who didn't know the sound of those words so I also say that "bat" and "tab" fit that same category. Strangely, I can make a computer that laughs naturally as a result of its process.

If you think that a light computer could have no physical existence then consider how this works as a thought experiment. I turn on a flash light and put a pattern in front of it, it shines on the clouds and makes the picture of a bat. Someone sees that and turns on their flashlight to display the image of a cat. The process of computation ( which is not consciousness ) involves many things and will certainly surprise me as it changes and new things are understood.

Today I am working on management of patterns in my information and defining what is unique and needs to be saved. I am also working on scripts that allow me to install all the software I normally use to compile sources and not one more thing than that ( no fluff, no dups, no waste ). I am planning to redo my system for a debian+arch+kubuntu386+kubuntux86_64+KOS configuration so I need to perform a little scatter gather with my network.

Using some intermediate understanding to moderate the whole of existence is purely an emotional response and a such it can't be "unreasoned", but it can be moderated.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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