Strange answers in the maelstrom of singularity


I have come to some very odd intermediate conclusions ( is that a contradiction? ). I guess it should be said as I have a new, more complete, way of understanding something. It is the nature of existentialism. It seems that the more people repeat the mantra that a mind of a person is an existence, the more it is accepted. In the time of the Incas , I think that they thought the soul ( or being ) was in the heart. It really makes no sense any more than saying that I exist because I have a brain. Obviously I would still consider my self a person without fingernails, but without a heart or lungs it would be difficult. I think that the idea of "uploading" consciousness into a computer is very much premature and not because of some religious reservations.

It is simply too much of a leap to accept that as a "final" conclusion when all the data is not in and all the parts are not understood.


I am doing shell scripts, Yafray, blender, SVGs, color analysis, Python, and animation today. It might seem like a game to some, but I do it in order to understand light, electrons, and gravity. I have decided to do a script today that changes the IOR ( Index Of Refraction ( bending of light )) for various colors as it does not work the same for all colors and I was going to make a prism. I also wanted to do distance focus changes in images.


I see the singularity as more of a hurricane of information that becomes more and more connected as time goes by and it is difficult to say that today or tomorrow is the edge of singularity, it is an oncoming storm that rises and it may reach CAT 100, who really knows. By having a complete system of light computers, AI, nanotech, biotech and the various other trappings, I can be on the edge of the storm and hopefully find some haven in understanding it.


I think the patenting copyright and trademark systems are a fraud. The one thing the human race needs is an interstellar travel system. Let us imagine for a moment that I have such a device, and it allows me to control gravity. If I can move whatever I want from the Earth to α Centauri or anywhere, and then start raining down meteorites on the surface of the Earth, how much should I accept in payment to stop? In a more medieval example, if I and my friends were the only people with a guns, it would be very difficult for others to enforce a copyright on their cartoons.

Intellectual property is some silliness that came with radio and TV that has passed its prime long ago. There is too much information in the world for me to spend any time trying to determine whether something is supposed to be controlled bits, unless there is some clear indication of the intent , I honor the wishes of others, however I can say Poodle© any time I want and so can anybody. If the respective governments do not agree on copyright they are nonsense. What possible need would a starving child in the middle of a war need for a mouse cartoon? That game will fall apart soon too. "Ownership" is a matter of force. In the time of the western expansion of railroads it was done with hired assassins that worked for the railroads. Now it is RIAA. 9002 thgirypoc.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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