Pushing blender and shell scripts

I have been pushing blender very hard and I kick the GPU fan on and keep it running during a session. I will kick the CPU fan too. So it is no surprise that I will get some glithches since I have a way of pushing some blends into the area of trans-infinite computation. I also like to compile from dev builds so I start blender like this with a script. As always: backup early, backup often, backup now, backup sensibly. If you can't afford to lose that data, back it up and put it somewhere safe. You never know when the cat is going to decide to bite through your external SATA drive cable for some strange reason.

echo "tee in the blender"
#This invocation does windowed with debug info 
#I also use "tee" to put the information in a logging file
#do "man tee" for information about it
#I build from source so I use this path, which will 
# be different for everybody
/home/username/blender/obj/linux-glibc2.7-x86_64/bin/blender -w -d $1 | tee /home/username/teeblend.txt
#Remove the next line to stop the beep on exit.
echo -e "\a"
#The rest of this is to let me debug 
echo "Type -CAT- if you want to read the trace."
read foobar
if [ "$foobar" = "CAT" ]
cat /home/username/teeblend.txt
# this below is just to pause so I can read it
read foobar


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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