Accomodating new facts

In the ongoing quest for relationships in the genotype to phenotype issue I see this at Wired about mushrooms and how they take their shapes. I am sure this will help me to form my framework of emergent analysis that includes inanimate molecules is that is really an appriate characterization as they are quite animate under most circumstances.

Continuation to part II of the Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg, Rosen .... tag team mixed physics death match at scientific blogging.

Writing with atoms which was something I was thinking about, however I was thinking about writing in 3 space with nano machines that were given directions to where to go and what to do when they get there ( actually not machines at all, but a specific molecule ). I thought this would be a much better memory and I see a relationship to this and ATP and mushrooms and memory and light and chemical sensing in the antenna of ants. There is a relationship with H2O.

This is odd and I never knew this HTML escape code ( ⊂ = ⊂ ) I will have to investigate that accidental happening. I was going to try &sub2; = &sub2; or ² = ² This link answers that question about HTML escape codes. And has a listing of all codes supported. I think they should have smiley faces Θ «(That is Θ ) supported in the HTML escapes, it would make sense to allow international biological language.

Homo homini lupus.The Werecats of high space are howling tonight and their claws are shining in the full moon's hunting light.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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