I am not going to go any further in quantum entanglement because the resolution is already present. It can act instantaneously and travel at the speed of light. That is, in fact, not contradictory. It is part of what I understand, however, the misinterpretation of that to mean that there is instantaneous communication in context is wrong. The act of measuring has far more subtle meaning than the resultant outcome. The universe is constantly measuring things and the process of the universe is a measure. I need not actively participate in the process that I wish to analyze. The interpretation of results of an experiment has no physical process and can therefore not cause { position | measure } issues and thus the foundational argument of inability to localize is specious. It is possible to say that it is difficult to determine causal relationships, and that is true at small mass and energies. In addition the projection of the idea of point mass and particle concepts, to something that is neither contributes to the confusion.

It seems that many paradoxical arguments arise from invalid initial assumptions.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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