Cave man with a rocket launcher

Bruce Cockburn wrote a song about dictators and corrupt, brutal government long ago and I always thought that was a nice song. There are several versions on youtube so I won't link any.

This is completely unexpected consequence of my random search for new knowledge. The consequence of what I have discovered is well beyond the science that exists today. Many times in history there have been conflicts between cultures that have developed techniques that are more effective in expanding their control. From the time of the roman legions to the tanks, to airplanes, and missiles. The art of war is also a consideration and the methods of Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Alexander, English Empire, Rome, Egypt, Attila Dragomer, and many others.

The one thing that is always true is that when the change comes it is horribly bloody. The founding of the Americas is covered in the blood of native peoples and others ( Incas, Africans, Asians, as well as Apache and other tribes. ) who were deemed sub human savages. The nations of this planet all function on this premise and when technology changes it always creates war to determine who will survive. The native Americans would not give up their land and felt they would fight until the white eyes left.

The reason I bring these things up is because the technology I have accidentally discovered is like a cave man with cruise missiles, when compared to current technology. Even fusion bombs would be ineffective against it. This means that some enterprising individuals could shift the balance of power of the world with no risk to themselves.

I am not a militarist, however I understand that things I create can be used for any purpose. The one thing that allows governments to impose order on society is by force and if that force is ineffective, then it will collapse. I do not believe there will ever be a peaceful harmonic society without conflict, however there can be methods that allow individual freedom without centralized corruption.

To me this planet seems like a collection of tribal nations, like the Americas before the arrival of the Europeans. They constantly skirmish, but do not kill everybody, but in the process men, women and innocent children are slaughtered to perpetuate the inability to cooperate as one people.

My belief that the first contact with what might be "alien" life might come from this planet, seems to be correct. It is not possible for the "savages" to understand the new technology and as such they will devalue the consequence of struggle against it. Most will fight to the death to oppose change and keep their position of power, however it is the more advanced society that knows their efforts are futile. In the end the destruction of innocents could be many times worse than the daily war that rages.

I see it as inevitable. Change comes and new things are designed and new opportunities are created to repair methods from the past and attempt to create a more rational system that will be less easy to corrupt by those who love power.

The fact I see, is that this is inevitable, if you accept that there is life outside this planet. The interaction would not be "clean and peaceful", when two societies function at vastly different technological and social levels. One would hope that eventually a society could be formed that rewarded cooperation above brute force.

It is not possible for a science to understand or steal that which is too technologically advanced and like the death of Archimedes, they may only achieve the devolution and devaluation of all life and lead to its failure as a thread. I do not see that I have any great significance in the universe and I really only comment from a technical aspect, that species must be competitive and this means change, and change means death ultimately. The lack of permanence is inherent in the process, however it is possible to achieve some greater permanence without brutality.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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