Computer Spongiform Encepholopathy

Like BSE, Microsoft re-brands its tainted product and sells it under a new name to infect the planet. This article at slashdot tells the story that is not what you hear in the paid press and from people who have an invested stake in MS. This article at /. also describes how the infest schools and government. Like the BSE disease, the concept of monopolistic practice eats away the very fiber of intellectual freedom and personal choice.

If schools and government agencies made the choice to use a free operating system created by the people they serve and not the ones that serve them with bribes, campaign contributions and schemes, they could spend that money for something worthwhile like shoring up levees, tornado and flood preparedness, health care, space science, teachers, and real jobs. The drain from the monopolies eats away at the lives of everybody and leads to the conditions we have now, which is recession, becoming depression, because the value and worth of personal effort has been pirated into the hands of a few, with the help of those who are elected to serve the people.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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