The darkest star

This is merely speculation, but it stems from some understanding of the forces underneath. I am now placing a cloud of positrons at the outer limit of the universe as observed. ( reading that back to myself made me realize that there must be a trace of the outer universe here if it is true) I will put that thought away in one of my pockets with a γ-ray burst.It is the obvious cause and result of a slow evaporation of a critical mass dark star that becomes poisoned by its own effectiveness. It is strange to imagine a scale to the universe that is infinite. I see no reason that it should not be, except to make people feel more comfortable about their position in the universe. It is very difficult to claim to be the baddest monkey that ever walked straight up, when looking into the eye of infinity.

I have been reading along and studying the Casimir force. I have my opinion about that, but it will wait until I am more sure of the relationships. It is definitely in the right area for where Physics should be heading, but sometimes the assumptions we make can keep us from seeing the relationships that are always there.

The tool set of physics is old and broken in my opinion. It needs some fresh insight and a new generation of tools that are more in line with the technology of the times.

I have a new n-dimensional method I am incorporating in blender and it serves me well in those places where my dimensional imagination does not have the digital complexity to postulate. So long as the transforms are valid and can be measured in effect then I feel comfortable in trusting that ( extrusion, vector, extrapolation, integral, derivative, exaggeration, extension, convolution, ) method.

ADDED: I read this through again and it sparked a relationship to some work of Nikola Tesla that I studied and passed off as bunk, but the guy was a natural genius with electrical matter, like Marconi. There is definitely something there.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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