Aliens among us

It seems to me that the first contact with aliens may be right here. The possibilities are that somebody will be transformed by cybernetics, DNA mods, neural implants, radio linked super computer arrays to neurons, embedded weapons, complete heritable genetic modifications, epigenetic enhancements, immune system mods, and nano machines or Mitochondrial OS. It may be an issue that has to be faced that it certainly is possible now to implant a pneumatic weapon under the skin and have it triggered by thought. It is also possible to gene dope a person.

I suppose the police and soldiers would then become genetic cyborgs and then the game would really be on as we would be having Wolverine and Spiderman battles in the street with mutants with massively stimulated pluripotent stem cells that could heal from wounds in hours instead of months.

Added: Molecular machines and MRI goes atomic scale, which I supposed it would eventually. It should soon be possible to see molecules in action.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen