Blender is virtually a complet OS

The idea of grouping and parent-child relationships and many of the other factors are so similar to how I implemented my OS on top of Linux that it is almost scary sometimes. The code is very understandable and it flows to create scenes, animations and games. I am not a complete master of it yet, but when I integrate antfarmgl with blender, I expect a great boost in the potential to use information about molecular assembly, DNA, nanomachines, physics and presentation.

The ability to merge elements from other areas using Python is remarkable and the association between code bases like make-human. I will likely transport the morphing capabilities of automated make-model(make-human) into the blender Py interface.

The process of successive approximation to my goal is proceeding, however it is being delayed by the fact that I am making the code and documentation accessible for development and I can't cut corners to make ugly code and undocumented relationships.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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