Scanners attacked my head

I was wanting to experiment with the explosion modifier in blender and I always remember the movie "Scanners" about mutants that could explode somebody's head. This is the result, I did a Q&D grease pencil man, ico sphere, set particle system new and then added modifier "explode" in vertex category then pressed Alt+a and watched it, It is very entertaining and will be a source of some amusement for me. There is a good tut by blenderspy on youtube that is much better than the some other stuff, which is 70% ads for their sites, which has to be a crock as some never uses the quick keys for anything. I did the above and below in about 2 minutes with a few dozen key strokes. Start at with tutorials before you look anywhere else.

I just realized something about physics that I can't tell. I was intending to make a joke, but it is no joke at all, it is scary true stuff. What are the odds that any alien race would be at our kiddy space playground level? I think it is 0 because they would be able to travel between stars and we would be bound to the Earth. It would make us look pretty easy pickings and also sub intelligent. It some times looks that way to me too. When I discover something really fantastic it makes me wonder how others can be so sure of their knowledge that they would risk war, when we obviously know so little about this universe. If they come to us, we should be very afraid. I doubt we would look more dangerous or evolved than a nest of fire ants that attacked blindly at each other ( strangely, in my opinion, that people constantly fight each other as groups ) and everything that approached that was different. It is a sign of a race that has not evolved when the species is selecting dominance on the ability to physically attack and dispose of others.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen