Beginning of the beginning

This at scientific blogging at an article at Cell Stem Cell was something that I expected for some time and the ability to initiate this mechanism in the body is a key to self healing in the manner that the body has developed. ( This is likely to be just the beginning for this area ) I personally see that there is something very deep and profound in the relationship. It goes back to some of the first multicellular life. I have not completed a perfect model of the overall system, but I do see that in the origins of life itself there are some specific attractors that exist in a chemical sense. It is specifically a phospho-ring and proton generator which has a calcium association. In the body Ca plays an important part as well as Phosphorous. At the very atomic level, the overall structure of C P Ca H and O form certain complexes and have specific patterns of association which produce some forms that can do a little nano-tech magic of separating electrons and protons.

An interesting aside is that I discovered that π is sometimes exactly integer quantum 3 in the nano-3D world.

These developments can only be good for people in general as the ultimate chemical method of initiating a regeneration of organs inside the body and the stimulation of stem cells becomes a simple chemical generation that can be induced in a single cell insertion to be produced in quantity and like bits of information, it is free to duplicate them.

It seems but a skip and jump to something akin to the Spacing Guild of Dune or the Ringworld Engineer species.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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