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This at advanced nano is about graphene capacitors and the picture spoke volumes to me. When I first read about it at /. and they described energy densities that were scales of magnitude higher than any other method, I immediately thought of what I had experienced, which is, such a thing would have some hideously strong internal forces in play. When I saw the bolts, I suspect that they may really be doing this technology and it is a VERY major game changer. I will have to look into the physics of it. I always wondered what would happen if doped diamonds could be used as a semiconductor material and perhaps we will see that soon also.


Paul Mohr said...

In the few minutes after thinking about this technology, I see a way to improve it and also a way to use it that could make it another scale of magnitude more powerful. I have considered this before and mainly did nothing about it as there are many bigger fish to fry.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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