Where do science fiction ideas arise

Just testing my latex equation there with the image. It seems to me I have another idea to cover the Fermi paradox of life in the universe. It seems that it is quite possible to exist outside the momentum effects of the universe and as such it would be possible to view everything that took place, so to speak, and interfere at will without risk of being harmed. It is very much like the Q continuum from STNG Star Trek. I don't see what value there would be in fiddling with mortals as it would be such easy pickings. I think you would simply have to be disturbed to get any pleasure out of that at all. I suppose that is just me. I am sure there are many power mad despots in this world that would enjoy playing God, as they do all the time anyway. It makes me wonder where and how he came up with that particular concept if it could exist in fact? If my ideas are correct in application, many of the things that were postulated in Star Trek would be possible and things even more bizarre than those.

I have been doing some videos with blender and I have some nice examples, however I am waiting to put some up until I have something that makes people say WOW! how can that be possible in a video! The arrangement of several effects like IPO, particles, dupliverts, dupliframes, shaders, multiple texturing, overlapping objects, motion and focal blur, transparency, reflectivity, ambient occlusion, stop action, soft body, fluids, cloth, wind, parenting, grouping, armatures, volumes, and several other techniques make for some real fun Fx. Post processing is also possible and VirtualDub is nice. It is also possible to recurse the techniques into textures and backdrops. I can also add video as a texture on a surface which is freaking bizarre. I can create an entire scene and then play it as a separate video on a screen in a second scene. The possibilities are as wild as a person's imagination and I that is pretty wild in my case.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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