Yes I am compulsively analytical

I wasn't going to play with the Rubik's cube ( or a limited method quantum dimension transform model ) concept until I was done with antfarmGL, but with me there seems to be no tomorrow or even today. I am doing both and blogging.

I made a map in blender. If you look at the problem from a brute force scenario you are looking at 26! which strangely works out to 4x1026. Soooo.. , Brute forcing is very much out for things that compute at this complexity. So I broke it down and (6 are never different ( center single face vector pairs ) which gives me 20! which is still beyond me. Secondly I could break that to 12! ( two vector pair faces ) and 8!. Now 8! is 40,320 ( 3-vector corners ) and is really in the ball park of doing it in my head. I discovered it transforms in steps of 6 •2n as 1 → 6 → 12 → 24. Now 24 is a magic number, when dealing with three dimensional objects. It is the number of directions and associated quadrants ( that are adjacent to an axis ) which is 6•4 =24. It is only possible to have 24 (integer)(quantum) associative relationships between two (xyz)vectors.

As always I am just playing with things that will likely be incorporated in my bots as methods. Four color map theorem, TSP (Traveling Salesman Problem), tries, chirality of molecules, polarized light, complex list methods, spatial relationships in log2(n), and many other things combine to make a good bot. Characteristics of randomness is another, but that is an entire book in itself.

On a separate topic I saw something about duplicate selfs ( on a blog ) and the statistics behind it. I am sure it refers to a Scientific American article from 8 years ago and it is absolute garbage statistical analysis. There are no exact quantum duplicates of ourselves in the universe. For as much as it is impossible to brute force something that is 70!, consider something that is 1026!. It is an absurd analogy and SciAm has become a tabloid rag IMHO.

On an even further odd note I can see that information should move on the web in ( new knowledge ) packets and not the way it does which leads to congestion. It serves the people who like to play with infinity, but it is stupid and self destructive , like all things that gum up solutions to problems for all people coherently.

The point of fiddling with dimensional theory is not to solve it, but to understand the relationships, build methods, and have an arsenal of tools to deal with dimensional characteristics. All of these things inter-relate. Vector analysis, space distortion, fields, waves, lasers, shadows, models, normals .....

I may have accidentally found a little hole in the gravitational theory.(chuckle) If I am correct, and I am sometimes, it will scare the crap out of every physicist on the planet. Most other people will not even know what I am talking about, even if they heard it. It has very interesting consequences. :) Sometimes a scientist comes up with something that puts the kbosh on every other method that is employed. It has happened in history so many times it is pitiful. People used to build castles to protect themselves from the hordes and though it might have been a good idea at the time, it becomes useless when a new idea supplants it. Many of the new things that are discovered daily are going to have far ranging consequence and though the people who like to build castle walls will not abate in their effort, it is futile. I suppose it keeps them busy and out of other peoples business to some extent.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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