What makes biological coherence

I have blogged about this before here and I know that it is possible to alter the structure of relationships in the body. A new science report goes after the Nodal gene family relating to asymmetric placing of heart muscle cells. Dr Who would be interested in this as he has two hearts ( in the fantasy world ) and the biological logistics of that is astounding. It is easy enough to imagine two hearts, but implementing such a thing in a biological setting is astronomically complex. Changes in the relationships of the body, are reflected in their effect on every other part of the body to some extent. From the logistics of phenotype expression, the possibility of two functioning hearts arising ( without duplicate surrounding structure ) is as likely as having useful lungs in the finger tips.

Cells do more thinking and reacting as individuals than most give them credit for. (IMHO).

I originally liked Dr Who because I watched a few early episodes and they used E=IR as an equation in explaining something and I thought it would continue to teach and place intelligent information in an interesting context, but no, it has degenerated to a fantasy of emotional masturbation, sex and pathos, bullshit vehicle for economic enrichment. I know the whole point is to play to the LCD, but I would like to make a show that was for a limited audience that was interested in the understanding over the fluff. I enjoy the fluff, but it is like cotton candy, you can't live on that. Consider the works of Shakespeare, he combined entertainment with content. It seems that those who would create have left out the part that speaks to the mind. As such, I begin to doubt that they have the skill to speak to me.

ADDED:Here is another link at Nature News that relates to phenotyping the leaf shape with a standard set of genes.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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