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VERY good site for documentation

I happened to run into this today (References ) and it is really what a person should expect in documentation on the web. I don't mind a little discrete targeted ad here and there at the end of a page. It is the jumpy, -in your face-, TMI , distracting things that just make you turn off js and use ad block. If a site is bad enough I will just go totally medieval with wget and a script or sed or grep or "c" code to parse out what I want from it and everything else goes to /dev/null.

Also I used to bookmark by selecting from the menu, but now I just use Ctrl+b and enter. I also grab pages to view later when I am trying to solve a problem and I just us Ctrl+s to do that quickly, so I don't lose my train of thought.

I was being silly and dangerous today for some reason and trying triple key combos with the shell "konsole". I tried Ctrl+Alt+q ( I may have hit up arrow in there somewhere ) to see if it was a quick quit and it asked "if I wanted all 4,675 options". I, of course, said yes after some thought just because I was curious and it obviously means something and it is on my list of things to discover. I do regular backups and when I am happy with progress on a project and it is lunchtime, I will do a mirror while I eat. I will get dangerous for a while after backups, but if I have been writing a lot of code, I avoid commands that might be dangerous.

I was not sure how I invoked that and after some experimentation it must be by Ctrl+Alt+q AND you must leave the keys down for about 500ms and then a question pops up. I have never done this before so I have no idea if this is some completely new area for me to learn.

I have run out of patience on this problem. Ctrl+ALt+q (held), perhaps some day I will see something that will trigger an understanding. I got KDE source and konsole source, was not there. also not a defined key. I learned 5 new trick though. I learned a mouse trick to select on screen and run with click center (VERY-VERY DANGEROUS or very useful I don't know.) It appears to give a list of possible executables, but I don't grasp how it is being initiated or what purpose it serves.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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