The Fungus Among Us

I have studied Homeobox genes and chemical migration and chemotaxis in Amoeba and self assembling fungus mushrooms and Planarian worms and blender and programmed genetic algorithms.

I get it now. A method or technique is only as good as the results it produces and so theories abound, but proofs are rare. I have devised a method of visual expression of the homeobox genes that matches perfectly with the ability of self assembly in fungus and planaria to the form of any insect or creature. The image is a pseudo blastosphere which is modified by the parametrics of genotype. I can generate any living form by applying the methods script program with the specific genotyping homeobox genes to match that organism.

The key is that the method must match the possibilities and constraints. Some people might say that it is impossible to model and control how a colony of fungus can become a mushroom. The same mechanisms that operate there are the mechanisms that can form a body or brain. It means that if I were legally allowed to do so, I could modify any body plan parameters at will. This does not change the underlying chemistry and certain body plans are prone to failure more quickly than others.

I need to do some tuning on my scripts and make a gene sequence to HOX association list, but I feel confident that this will resolve. I don't see it going anywhere until people are free, because of gene patents, but the potential for ( chuckle ) self improvement is there. I think that the government in the US has allowed the patenting of the letters G,C,A, and T so that their lobbyists will each get 25% ( minus the usual 5% kick back to the congressmen ) of every new genetic discovery and thus as always establish slavery of anybody who innovates. I patented the letter J which didn't turn out so well as it is not very common. The structure of the genome is like (GCAT)letters and (gene)words, if anybody is allowed to patent certain letter or word combinations then it makes it very difficult to speak or in this case innovate when each word is copyrighted and litigated.

I know now how to make a collection of fungus become a form. That is a little like "The Blob" sci-fi from the 50s. It is much easier to create a physical organism from a set of cells than I originally thought. The more a person learns on a subject the easier it gets to use and apply it properly, like my blender skills are becoming better every day and I think I am quite adept as I can conceptualize and produce results very easily.

Understanding OpenGL, matrix math, transforms and manifolds or surface calculus is a great help. Blender was the final piece I needed and the way in which modeling is achieved has in some aspects aligned itself to the real world mechanisms as that is the most intuitive method. I don't have a complete model of the system of an organism yet, but I am getting very close as HOX is one of those very important areas that have great meaning for the individual as it is their shape or form that most differentiates a creature in the superficial sense. Few people delve deeper than that.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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