Vector space of images

I am using the "blender purple, texture not present" to separate image areas now and I have gotten to 4 dimensional vectors with the methods. I will have to make a set of 14 range sliders and vectors that describe the image object space. I am going to make several buttons that automatically set the sliders for specific areas like hair, skin, face, cloth, background, and such which make it much easier and then it can be tweaked to get what you need. I also plan to have a 3D topology conversion so it goes directly into blender as a surface. I would do an SVG of the vector spaces, but representing a 14 dimensional area in any visual way is just confusing. You might look at it as spherical areas in a volume space that is a projection of circles into 3D which is then done in all dimensions. Like solving an n.m.o.p.q.r.s.t.u.v.w.x.y.z matrix with a set of range variables. The clustering of object space is very obvious when viewed and in this image space of the cloth is easily extracted or selected. I was doing some tests with color select and I wanted to add more flexibility to that method and this was born. It got out of hand when I started doing derivatives and integrals and adding color vector space gravity and set theory elements.

I think that I can take the 6 largest object spaces and draw a line from a preview to a second box that has that section of the image displayed and in this way make a choice possible without predefining any known set. An example might be insects or ants in an image and though it does show up as an object space, it would not be on a static list. I can take the combined object space and using the same method make the sub space area of the object selectable also. Like selecting an image of an ant and then it becomes focused in the preview, it then has radiating lines that allow the selection of the legs, antenna, thorax, eyes, mouth, stinger. By doing this it can also have a list of the scale of the features. That seems good as it can produce an XML file with the image hierarchy of objects and elements that ultimately become surfaces and textures.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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