The frog is pining for the fjords

I was thinking about lithography using ultraviolet lasers and a compound that is "set" by UV. That is used in rapid prototyping for the auto industry all the time. It is possible to build a model about one µmeter or somewhere near the λ wave length of ultraviolet light.

I was thinking about DNA manufacturing, chip lithography, UV lithography, PAGE ( PolyAcramide Gel Electrophoresis ) and several other things in a period of about 5 minutes and all of the sudden a connection was made and BOOM! I leaped the frog again.

I have a way to make semiconductor chips in 3D at the nanometer level "IN MY BASEMENT" for as little as 10k$ and 10 days to start as compared to 10 Billion$ and years to create a chip fab. I can bring that cost to raw material cost by self manufacturing the chips with a rep rap self printer. I can use the chips produced to operate the device that makes the chips and the printer, Bingo! self replicating manufacturing at any scalable level.

What can I do with a circuit that is 1020 complex per cubic inch. Smaller = Faster if you didn't know that. This is a killer CPU and could just as easily be a physical FPGA. It really changes everything in the world. If I can dream a chip with GPS and manufacture it then hardware manufacturers are in the same boat with RIAA now, it makes a difference if it costs 10B$ to duplicate a book or song, when it is the cost of flipping bits to create a CPU, then Intel, AMD, Micron, and IBM are going to ( excretive deleted ) a brick ( and so will many others ) when they realize this is a real technology. I have been looking for an atomically scalable lithography for at least 24 years. It is so bizarre, like the image of the super nova in the reflected starlight, it was always there and all I had to do was look in the right way.


Paul Mohr said...

I thought about this for a while and it is truly sweet. I can make circuits with parts from worm brains, but I suspect that if I was competitive to mainstream CPU's it would get me in trouble too easy as I could be vilified as a mad scientist and genetic experimenter. It is easy enough done with DNA, but this is a far better transition to personal manufacturing. Though biological materials are easier and more natural to manufacture with , they are not as well received. So long as somebody can limit the supply of technology ( or its form ( DRM, exclude GPS, automatic monitoring by govt agencies, etc) then they can use it to control people and limit creativity to what they control. Electronics is the primary technology in this world and the ability for an individual to download a CAD file of a CPU or circuit and then print that circuit to a device is such a big leap that it is hard to even guess what will happen when others can experiment with the technology. I come up with some good ideas at times, but I find that others will take ideas I have and do things that I never dreamed was possible. I see it all the time on the net. This is going to be fun.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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