To be sure

To be sure in a knowledge a person must know all things. I don't know all things and neither does anybody else. People quite often distort information for their advantages. They may want attention, or they may be trying to make a buck, or they may be trying to cover something up. In any case nobody knows for sure and even the con men don't. It just makes it more difficult when there are complications to motives in how people deliver information. It is just a fact and that is also true of all people. Everybody will say they have no ulterior motives, but that is an obvious lie as they are a living creature and creatures have motives.

I don't go by the principle of "Trust No One", but instead refuse to give absolute trust to what anybody says or represents ( including myself ). There are people who I think provide information without bias, but I don't expect that it is some permanent condition. The only way to be sure of anything is to know and experience it yourself. I know many things and I can call bull shit on a lot of what happens on the internet and off. A person's perspective of data is determined by what they can reasonably assume to be true. In my case I am never 100% sure that I am right. This means when I encounter new data that extends my understanding, I am not bound to hold onto any past conclusions that came from lesser data or experiments.

Coming to an understanding of the overall picture of the workings of the world is a long and perilous process. It is fun for me though.

I have tested about 16 new Linux ( debian ) packages today and some will come in handy -- xmorph, xvidcap, x11rec, --- I have 7 more to test today as part of completing my understanding and then I will know everything :). I am about to test kget, xvfb, and sweeper as they seemed interesting, but I will see what they do and if they can be useful.

I am also thinking about gravity waves and I think that there is some substance there and a lot of BS. We shall see what we shall see.

Finished kget,sweeper and xvfb. "sweeper" does not cover all privacy information and though it is Q&D it hardly comes close to removing user style information from a system. Anybody who knows linux would know where to find user patterns. That is more true of Windows as it has a vast living un-deletable database that I am sure is there for a reason. I suspect that wanted to get and sell personal information from their very first version. That is why it is such a virus host. (IMHO).

Testing mm3d now. OH, BTW, somebody on slashdot mentioned how to create single combination key shortcuts and I now have gone nuts with that, and assigned Ctrl+Alt+c to open a console. This makes life much easier and development faster.

I tried mm3d and it is interesting ( triangle editor ) and I will dig into the source. Also "iconv-l" "man xnee" "man ldd" -and- "2>" to redirect error message to a text file when they are too numerous to be displayed.

Objects: ΔxyzT ƒ(x) • ‹ Σ › or ∫ƒ(x)Δx Mouse gesture loop object and quick movement to indicate collect. Or ♠♥♣♦ if that suits you.

The Myth encyclopedia is pretty interesting and there is something about Berserk=Bear Suit or Wolf Suit=fierce relentless killer. It also states that the myth may be the original werewolf reference as they donned wolf suits to fight. Interesting speculation.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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