Alice Icon (AI) becomes Automated Intelligence

Much goes on in the world and it seems that few if any have even the faintest idea of what is actually possible with the tools that exist today. Each thing I learn makes it possible to understand a thousand more and the ability to automatically express that intelligence in programming form, means I can apply it to all the information in the world and universe. The use of automated intelligence (AI) to expand my grasp of information makes it possible to see many new and strange patterns and have the ability to be certain of the methods at work by modifying the conditions and comparing effect. If the theory holds true then consequence matches theory predictions.

As a result, I can function better in the world to control my own destiny and favor those outcomes that best benefit humanity as a whole. The image is derived from an XML source :)

BTW, I think this Dilbert cartoon sums up the housing mess.

And more experimenting with a logo for the Alice Infinity AI machine.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen