Is the Internet a thief

When you look at copyright, it has to do with copying or actually individual use or license to use. If I set up a server and somebody requests a copy of my article by name, I say okay, here is a copy and you don't need to pay or agree to anything. If information is freely displayed on the web, I don't see how anyone could claim it is copyrighted. It is true of broadcast also. If it were not possible to duplicate a TV program then I could see how it could be controlled. It is my opinion that if a person once releases something without a signed contract with the person they release that information to, they have simply given it away in the same way as I might shout a secret in a mall and then go up to each person who might have heard and order them to give me back my secret.

By putting © on something, you are saying that I have signed or in some way agreed to a contract not to recopy that information. I could say that because you read this you just agreed to send me money. I can easily agree with myself that somebody else should do something for me, but it requires two consenting parties to engage in a contract and nobody can put © on a page and think that I agree to something I can't comply with and don't think is even real.

It is very confusing to me because the act of copying has become inherent in everything. I can get a cell from a cow and clone it for a farm. Have I stolen a cow? Apparently I have stolen the idea of a specific cow. If a cow has a calf, by parthenogenesis then the cow is guilty of copyright violation of its own genome if the gene set is owned by a person. If somebody cloned my wife and married them, could I sue them for copyright violation? If they cloned me and then killed me, could I say they murdered me?

The idea of ownership of something which has no physicality in a real sense is worrisome. It is more worrisome if a device of my construction can devise that concept or organization of matter independently of my creative process. The idea of ownership also involves trust and limited possibility. If 6.6 billion people come up with the same idea all at once, and then type © simultaneously, who is the owner and is it even possible to resolve that in a lifetime. If each act of thought requires a life time of fiddling to be sure it is unique and free of incumbrance, then we should just stop creating and stare into the sun until we all die.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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