One step closer to an X-files world

I blogged earlier about the ability to morph cells to become something else and here is a recent article on the exact mechanism at scientific blogging.

I am working on a complete program that models all this information with the reference to which molecular mechanisms as well as siRNA, and other conditions describe the entire process of cell genotype to phenotype and how these things interact. As you could guess, it is far more complex and variable than any other type of system. All of these mechanisms interact to produce different aspects of life and I think it is certainly the dawn of a new world when it is possible to say precisely which element is associated with each aspect of life itself. Definitely odd stuff though. Reality is far more entertaining than any Science Fiction. It changes so fast that I would have to write a dozen new stories every day to just touch all the new and odd things that are possible.

Given the rate of information change and new knowledge I am just skimming the surface of what is possible and what I can effectively implement.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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