X-Files morphing man

I guess I am just skeptical is why I reject so many things out of hand and then say , that is not going to happen. I remember watching an x-file where a guy could morph himself into other people using the muscles in his body. Now I still think that is impossible, but then a squid can change its color, shape and form in an instant so I guess I will have to say that could be possible with the right structure of organism, but I don't think that a few random SNP's is going to make something like that.

The reason I am blogging about this is the fact that it is assumed that a person's face, DNA, and fingerprints are immutable and thus are proof in a criminal case. I think that is about to go right out the window. I see that it is possible to alter the underlying mechanism to have a different set of fingerprints. It would not happen in seconds, but it would happen over a period of weeks.

If a person is known to the bureaucracy by his face and height and fingerprints and eye color and each of these things are mutable, it seems to put a serious kink in the regulation of individual property. I imagine if there were 7 identical people with the same expressed DNA in their skin and blood that had the same fingerprints and physical appearance. And imagine again if they were all Bill Gates or the POTUS. It certainly brings up images of the Manchurian candidate ( if I remember correctly ) that posed as an official by plastic surgery.

It would seem that if you did not know someone well enough to ask a question that only they would know, then you would be in a world of crap. I can even see that MiM could be used to defeat that also. ( Copy A asks original key question while Copy 2 responds to that query at another place.)

If I had been asked if this was possible a year ago I would have told somebody to lay off the crack pipe and get a job. Now I really wonder what is in store for the human race when even odder things become possible. I know people make informed judgments about what will happen when "X" become available, but really their guess is as good as mine until it really happens.

I see that a Japanese fellow in Canada has a life-like robot girlfriend he is in love with. ( That is not a joke! )

ADDENDUM: If a mechanism can be constructed that matches the DNA to a set of fingerprints, I can collect DNA from a table where someone has eaten and use the sequence to generate their fingerprints and eye print. Spooky Huh?

MORE THOUGHTS: Consider if a person were killed and then another person was morphed to appear exactly like the original person with fingerprints and all. How could a person be convicted of killing the person if they are right there? It seems to defy habeas corpus. Every day I think that tomorrow will be less weird and I am wrong, I will start assuming that tomorrow is going to be weird and then it won't shock me so much.

AND MORE: This is such a creeper. It seems that I could speculate all day on what might be possible and this isn't something that requires a super secret island and a 1,000 green suit henchmen. These things are lab techniques that are often taught in junior high. I see a "Teen Wolf" ( real life ) movie in the making.

BTW: I don't know how many people know this but it has been recorded as far back as 1500s that a planarian worm is virtually immortal and has a brain. You can cut them to pieces and they will generate a new worm from every piece almost. There are limits and those have been tested too by cutting it up and resewing the parts together in an odd way and it will form into some weird thing that is not a planarian. You can't blend it in a blender and make copies either.


Wei-Yee Chan said...

That doesn't seem very scary to me. What could be scarier than this?

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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