Compulsion to know

Ongoing saga of why does THIS happen in konsole KDE4.
" Display all %d possibilities? (y or n)"
when I press ctrl+alt+q in KDE4 konsole?
I did a search for the text in an executable and found bash to contain it.
strings /bin/bash | grep possibilities
shows that the origin is there.

So that means that keys are being passed differently. Which is fairly obvious. ctrl+sh+c is "copy" in KDE4 ( a nice addition if you ask me) and ctrl+sh+v is paste. There are ways to do that in KDE but it is a little slower.

[TMI alert]An 8051 processor scans a matrix keyboard for switches made. It sends that info by 1200 baud serial link to the PC, which receives it with another 8051 cpu that causes a system interrupt ( virtual or real), the interrupt code reads port 60h and 64h , which is translated from scan codes, which is used by the system and passed to (stdin) Xwindows , which goes to konsole(KDE or KDE4) and is passed to bash.

I guess the issue here is that this code gets passed to bash or it gets converted to something that passes to bash which initiates the search for all (executable binaries)? in PATH. I am pretty sure I am close to a solution for this and I am going for the BASH source, rather than "objdump" and looking at the disassembly. One step closer to having a coherent usable answer that either can be explained to KDE people or tweaked in the source if I need to.

You might think all this compulsion is stupid, but when the problem is why and when a SNP causes life or death, that precision and compulsion is required to have an effective outcome. And yes the change of one single atom in an entire organism at the right place and time can make the difference between life, death, happy healthy life, and a life of pain and misery.


static void
display_matches (matches)
  /* If there are many items, then ask the user if she really wants to see them all. */
  if (rl_completion_query_items > 0 && len >= rl_completion_query_items)
      rl_crlf ();
      fprintf (rl_outstream, "Display all %d possibilities? (y or n)", len);
      fflush (rl_outstream);
      if (get_y_or_n (0) == 0)

I thought this was funny and it is a snippet from readline section of BASH in complete.c. "ask the user if "SHE""

I don't have the exact point where KDE4 interfaces to BASH and what completion is invoked but I will have it eventually.

Also in complete.c is the following and I would say this is a smoking gun, when added to the information that \33 or "!" is the sequence that gets sent by ctrl+alt+q held 640 milliseconds as a "slow key".

 switch (what_to_do)
    case TAB:
    case '!':
    case '@':
      /* Insert the first match with proper quoting. */
      if (*matches[0])
 insert_match (matches[0], start, matches[1] ? MULT_MATCH : SINGLE_MATCH, "e_char);

      /* If there are more matches, ring the bell to indicate.
  If we are in vi mode, Posix.2 says to not ring the bell.
  If the `show-all-if-ambiguous' variable is set, display
  all the matches immediately.  Otherwise, if this was the
  only match, and we are hacking files, check the file to
  see if it was a directory.  If so, and the `mark-directories'
  variable is set, add a '/' to the name.  If not, and we
  are at the end of the line, then add a space.  */
      if (matches[1])
   if (what_to_do == '!')
       display_matches (matches);


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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