Life is eBrywareZ (foothold)

Because it makes mistakes. ( That is a DNA joke )

This blog item about ("solenopsis invicta") fire ants at Myrmecos ( real insect ant stuff ) describes the opinion that people are sponsoring the invasion of dangerous creatures by paving nature. It seems to be a valid study as far as it goes. People plow up the ground, put in asphalt or concrete, and destroy natural ant species which allows fire ants to get a foothold.


My apologies to RMS as I used his image from the web and widened the image to make it exactly 512x512 so I could do timing analysis on an image software I wrote for gimp and blender. He should know that his widened up snapshot is furthering the understanding of image processing for all people freely.

I used a custom designed tool that looks into n-Dimensional vector space of image and extracts objects that are easily identifiable as separate parts in matrix space.

The technique can be used exactly like the color value select in gimp, however its algorithm can easily pull a face or cloth out as an identifiable area by using -- vector color, continuous, derivative, integral surface methods, that are virtually the same as human visual recognition methods. It is a very fast algorithm and there was no perscepible delay between selection and highlight.

RMS could become the new "Stanford Bunny".

This brings up some bad thoughts for me as the techniques can be incorporated in military applications to identify targets for automated weapon systems. If I make the algorithm public it will be stolen by the military and used to kill people. I have to think about that for a while as I see no possible way to restrict it from them by copyright as they have shown in the past that they will steal my concepts ( stupidly and blindly ) and use them for the purposes of killing people. It is not the technology, but the intent of the government to use anything without legal restriction to control by murder that is the real issue. If I establish a personal policy that says I will create methods to kill others and take what they have to further my interest of controlling them, then this situation always arises. It is simply a pirate policy that is instantiated as a noble concept of government, which IMHO is simply a fraud that covers intent to manipulate and control for personal advantage.

I could just as easily take these concepts and others and say that I am the goodest good person and as such I will use whatever means at my disposal to establish by goodness within the evil world of non-mes who act immorally because they do not act like me. As such I can say that I form this new nation so that all people can be free to be exactly like me and support the noble concept of me. I really need to think about that for a while as it is pivotal and though it is self proving, it hints at the underlying social process that may be at work.

I suppose the only real solution is to continue making and publishing new advancements faster than they can be implemented so that any effort initiated by a complex and slow process ( bureaucratic ) is obsolete from its inception and capable of being defeated by the simple continuous ambiguity of outcome. Put simply, if an idea is incorporated to a weapon, the weapon system designed with the next level of technology a few minutes later will defeat it and thus the very act of engaging in the creation of machines to rule leads to its own failure in practice.

Definitely so, this is the problem with well organized and stable power systems. They are inflexible and driven to establish a norm based on old information and as a result become more and more out of touch with reality and then collapse. This time of massive change only makes the matter worse so that ideas to enforce monarchy decay very rapidly. I suppose it won't stop them from trying anyway, it is like trying to get a dog to stop licking its butt. This stupidity comes naturally to those who make their living enslaving others.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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